Saturday, 17 December 2005

Reduction printing 1A

We've been working on rubber reduction printing at school. Since Christmas is near, I thought about making some cards to send friends and family. Well, the card idea escalated into a Christmas wall hanging and is spinning out of control. Too many colors and not enough time! I think it is going mush into one inky mess.

Here is of the first rough sketches, in coloring pencil. I didn't like it.

A little better. Running out of time, so this will have to do. Not very artistic...

Big mess, but loving it.

Once I figured out what colors I can have and in what order to cut, I redrew the pattern onto the board with pencil and then over the pencil with a brush pen for a livelier feel and started cutting for the first color.

The previous week, I printed the first color: red. So what I cut out this time and print will remain red, and what I cut out the next time will be the color I printed last time (and the red will still be red, since there is a hole there already).

First color: brown.


Second color: yellow. I should have started with the lighter colors first... I wish there was more time so I can wait until the following week to print the next color. Now there are two layers of fresh paint on top of each other, paving the way to an even gooier mess.

Well, if it doesn't work out I suppose I can always cut it up and make a mosaic of some sort...

A classmate hard at work, etching.

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