Tuesday, 20 December 2005

Story: Flying Eye Hospital

The Orbis Flying Eye Hospital was in Taiwan, and I got to do a story on it.

There are a billion good stories that we can make on this, but the footage was limited to just the plane and the press conference. I felt that I could have done an entire feature on the plane and the crew's stories, but my producer didn't want me to spend two days on a single story, feature or not.

There wasn't enough time on the day of the press conference to film the other things, so it had to be split up into two days if I wanted to film things other than the press conference and a snippet of the plane. Resources are so tight!

Slug: Flying Eye Hospital

Orbis is an international NGO dedicated to preventing and treating blindness in developing nations. Their Flying Eye Hospital is currently in Taiwan to raise funds for its worldwide operations. Michella Weng takes you in for a closer look at what they do inside and outside of the plane.##
奧比斯眼科飛機醫院來到台北了! 國際NGO奧比斯的任務包括, 在開發中國家做預防,治盲,還有教學的工作。民視記者翁郁容帶您一起進入奧比斯飛機醫院了解他們是如何奉獻他們的醫療愛心##

[NS: money pouring out of piggy banks, blind kids, celebs]
In addition to a charity auction, Orbis Taiwan has a new fundraising and educational campaign--the Flying Eye Hospital piggy bank. The idea is to teach kids to save money to help those in need, as demonstrated by these students from a local school for the visually impaired.

Piloted by volunteers from United Airlines and Federal Express, the Flying Eye Hospital jets around the world and stops in developing nations to serve as a hospital and teaching facility. While the volunteer doctors perform surgery in the operating room, local doctors can watch and learn from the audio visual room in another part of the plane.

Medical Directory Dr Gordon Douglas recalled one of his most rewarding moments with the organization.
Gordon Douglas醫師想起讓他忘不了的一個手術。

Sound bite:
Dr Gordon Douglas
Medical Director
I remember being in Paraguay where a little 10 month-old child was brought in. And we were able to illustrate by doing surgery on one eye for glaucoma, in a 10 month-old, such that when we left, the other eye was done.
我記得我在巴拉圭的時候 他們帶了一個十個月大的小孩進來
那我們離開那個地方之前 他們也學會怎麼把另外一顆眼睛做好

Through Orbis, generosity from donors make miracles like this happen.
民視新聞 林明煌 翁郁容 台北採訪報導

This is Michella Weng for Formosa TV from the Flying Eye Hospital in Taipei.
民視新聞 林明煌 翁郁容 台北採訪報導

People interested in donating money to Orbis or buying an Orbis piggy bank can get more information by visiting our discussion forum.

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