Thursday, 12 October 2006

The devil wears Prada, Mi-chan wears Jourdan

I was in my cute khaki trenchcoat dress (which Mom bought) today with a short, white denim jacket and Mama's Charles Jourdan pumps. Claire said, you remind me that movie I just saw - "The Devil Wears Prada." It was a compliment on my sense of fashion. That was a very nice bonus to my day. I was quite pleased indeed.

Happy Hair bought a news story and it was assigned to me. It was almost the case from hell. The lady from the sales department promised them so much that it compromised the viewability of the news story. It was bad enough that it was a product placement report, but it just looked terrible, they way they wanted. Or I should say, I couldn't come up with a better way to present everything they requested. If it wasn't for Yamaguchi sensei introducing me to them, I think I would not have exercised so much restraint.

Here it is:


[[NS show]]
[[NS show]]

業者 王燦榮
我們有義剪 在安寧病房病房
做義工義剪 或是在啟能中心
養老院等 需要我們關懷的地方


民視新聞 翁郁容 李健成 台北報導

千變萬"髮"! 髮藝秀飆創意

千變萬"髮"! 時尚髮藝秀飆創意

髮廊經營多元化 結合芳療+美容



The event started at 16h00, and didn't end until 19h00. I had to be in make-up by 18h30, which really put everything in a pinch. By the time I got everything done, including my make-up and hair and started prepping for the English show, Helen calls and says that they don't need me tonight. After all that hussling, no dinner and they tell me at the last minute, I was about to break something. I tried to be pleasant, but I'm sure she heard some unpleasantness over the phone. Jeffrey came in and so did Ken, and I think they didn't want to tell either of them to go home since they only come in to present, so they asked me not to come down. The show looked really strange with two guys presenting, and one wearing a jacket and one without. And when they were in the same screen, Ken's expression looked a little unpleasant. It was rather funny, I thought. The PD wasn't please. And for once, I felt like I was missed. Ha!

I got a little extra time to prep for the China Airlines show, but it didn't help much. While I was prepping, Peter told me to write a script on something I wasn't familiar with, which I eventually didn't have time for. I was torn between the two things, and in the end I ended up not completely prepared for the CI taping either. At least I spoke slower and it wasn't nearly as bad as Monday.

Tomorrow will be my last day of presenting, since Jinny's coming back. A little sad, but a little relieved as well. I still hope I'll have the chance to do it again. I think I can get pretty good at it if given the chance.

I chatted a bit with Wenling at the int'l desk after the taping, and it was nice to talk to someone who's been in news for a while and is dedicated to it. Most of the people around me upstairs seem to have a lot of breadth but no depth simply because they're so young.

After a few minutes, it was back to news gathering. Got lucky again tonight - didn't have to file anything.

Oh, anti-riot police shooed away the protesters on Zhongxiao East Road shortly before dawn this morning, thank goodness.

This is what I wore to present today. It's borrowed. I'm out of my own jackets.

And this is what I put back on after presenting. I really like the collar and buttons on this short jacket. Tucking hair behind the ears really make me look like a little girl. I guess that's OK with only a few people in the office.

Three more days until I'm off again. When people are having a 5-day holiday and we are working, the days just seem so so so so long.

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