Wednesday, 11 October 2006

Where's the peace?

It was National Day today, and anti-Chen protestors wearing red took to the streets like a flood.

As expected, there were plenty of scuffles, but nothing major, so far. When I left the office at 01h00, they were illegally occupying Zhongxiao East Road Section 4, a major road right in the middle of a shopping district. Shi Mingde's tactics are starting to get illegal and he's starting to say illogical things, like the police don't have a right to forcefully remove them, or that they have decided to give back half of the lanes going each way for commuters. Personally, I think the lanes belong to the commuters to begin with, and demonstrating on Zhongxiao East Road is illegal, so it really doesn't make sense anymore.

I don't support either camp, but the political turmoil is starting to get really annoying, childish and uncivilized. Well, it's always been this way, most people will say, but the level must have hit a new high.

I was lucky today, not getting sent out to the scene. I'm really interested in seeing how people feel, but this is too risky for me. Where emotions run high, rational thinking often disappears. I'm not about to get caught in the middle of all that.

Today, I reported on some 30 pairs of twins and triplets in a cute contest and also about the man who founded a contemporary theatre troupe 20 years ago that's become world renowned for staging Peking opera-style Shakespearean and Greek plays.
Have a look at this if you like theatre, it's very interesting -

I was so lethargic and grumpy from the instant I woke up today. I thought I wouldn't be able to make it through. Partly, I was still really down about performing badly on last night's China Airlines show. Sometimes being a perfectionist really eats me alive.

I managed to sneak away after make-up and hair for 20 minutes to have a (not quite tasty) sandwich dinner at Starbucks. Getting away from the office really helps sometimes, I find.

I voiced one story for English news and presented, almost without a hitch.

I got my scripts for China Airlines today earlier today, so it went much better. There were fewer names, which was helpful. I read a little too fast today, actually. But I don't care how unnatural I may have looked - at least I didn't stumble.

After presenting, I reported back to news gathering. Rush rush rush all day. I had to stay until 01h00, but there were still people from the morning shift there, so I am really lucky. Peter told me to get going since I have to present again tomorrow. Lucky lucky me.

Still really tired, sick and bloated, but I'm glad the day went better than yesterday and now I can look forward to tomorrow.

Gosh, I wish this nausea would go away. Sometimes I feel like I'm going to fall over and sometimes I feel like throwing up. I hope it goes away soon. Looking forward to quality sleep and R&R, whenever that may be.

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