Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Ups and downs

In the four weeks, I haven't posted, I've:
- worked three night shift rotations
- walked around protest scenes all night, several nights in a row
- thought I wouldn't survive the week
- been depressed
- been sick

But I've also been on top of the world because I:
- got to present the English show
- got to present in Chinese
- met an interesting ojisan who happens to be a good friend of the brother to the father of Scott from Waseda (is your brain in a knot yet?)

I'm so tired right now I'm barely keeping up, much less doing my job well.
Gosh, it's really agonizing sometimes.

But I suppose in the midst of it, some of the effort is paying off - I've was asked to substitute for Jinny, who is on holiday. I got to present the English news last week and Dr Hu asked me to continue this week until Jinny's back. She also asked me to present the China Airlines in-flight news. Tonight was my first run on the CI show, my first time presenting in Chinese. It was a nightmare. I was making mistakes nearly every other story. After the taping, the program director told me that I always get stuck at names, so just say them slowly when I get there. I'll try that tomorrow. I don't know why I was so nervous. I have to remember to take deep breaths between stories. Ughhh... I need to relax more on the English show too. So so so so much to work on.

Today went like this:
11h00 - eat breakfast & get ready
13h15 - arrive at FTV
14h00 - shoot story on Kingdom of Desire (amazing Chinese opera rendition of Macbeth) and also its director/actor/founder for 2 stories
16h30 - return to FTV, write one script, edit & submit tape
18h15 - buy Pocari Sweat to replenish sugar, electrolytes because I hadn't eaten or drank anything since 11h00
18h30 - make-up & hair
19h15 - group meeting, prep for English show
19h30 - protein shake for dinner and cold medicine
20h35 - prep for English show
20h20 - prep for CI show
21h00 - tape English show
21h20 - prep for CI show
22h00 - tape CI show
22h40 - write script on police make security preparations near the Presidential Office before the national day celebrations
24h00 - submit package
24h45 - get off work


My head is really spinning. Better get to bed. It's National Day tomorrow, and 2 million protesters have been called to lay siege to the Presidential Office. Tomorrow will be a very, very busy day. I hope my body can keep up.

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