Sunday, 19 October 2008

Bullet-speeding down length of Taiwan

Back in regular people time zone. Well, maybe even earlier than that. Had such a hard time waking up at six to catch seven o'clock bullet train this morning. My excuses are jet lag, anchoring late, doing nails and...The Da Vinci Code being shown on AXN, even though I ended up falling asleep before it finished. Ended up putting on make-up in the taxi and later in the train. Sometimes I wish I can just wear big sunglasses all day instead of fussing with all that skin paint, colored powders, eyelash gunk and hair goop, especially on a day like this. Now en route to Kaohsiung & Pingtung via bullet train then car. Filming aborigine villages and parasailiing. Tired, but feeling happy and lucky to be away from Taipei, not having to chase after the newest discovered batch of toxic Chinese food products, or criticizing the health department for lousy contingency management. Happy happy happy! (Moblog)

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