Wednesday, 15 October 2008

More melamine tainted food found

The Taipei Health Bureau tested 2.57ppm of melamine in Julie’s Butter Crackers Tuesday. Julie’s Crackers products are sold mostly at Carrefour and RT Mart in Taiwan, and have already been removed from store shelves. Here is one report on it.

When I was talking to one of the employees of the distributor of Julie’s Crackers, he said the company is probably finished, since the butter crackers were their best-selling product and is what they practically rely on to survive. They sell about TWD20 million worth of this product imported from Malaysia every year he told me.

A few weeks ago, another Malaysian product, a cheese cracker, was also found to contain nearly 30ppm of melamine. That story is here. The Julie’s Cracker man told me that that product was actually not Malaysian, but rather CHINESE. He said that Chinese authorities put pressure on the importers to not reveal the true origin of the product. Unfortunately, there is no proof of that, so there’s no story to chase.

These days, I’m beginning to feel more comfortable with products made in Japan, US, EU or Australia when it comes to imported foods. Sigh.

(image via Yahoo news)

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