Saturday, 4 October 2008

My Hero

Well, technically, he's Mom and Dad's Hero. But playing with him saved my week. It's been rough.

Hero's a 4 year-old German Shepherd that Mom and Dad adopted the day before yesterday. Now they officially have more dogs than children, in-law included. Our family is now: Mom, Dad, Michael, Daniel, Quyen, Lucky, Miffy, Oreo, King, Hero and me.

I came home to Danshui this afternoon after anchorinng and after brunch with Jenny. Mom, Dad and I spent time on the front deck just sitting and playing with dogs.

Dad said after Hero came, Oreo started being especially generous with kisses and would try to hug Dad every chance she gets.

Obaachans (grandmas) Lucky and Miffy mostly stayed inside, napping on the cool, tile flooring. Outside, I learned how to play catch with Hero and we had several rounds of fun. Apparently, he's been taught so that he drops the ball in front of you, and you have to grab his collar when you pick up th ball, otherwise he'll try to grab it when you do, and in the process, accidentally bite you. Mom gained hole in her hand and lost blood last night, learning the hard way... I got bit too. It wasn't bad. No hole, no blood, just a small ache. We need to train him out of that, in case guests and especially kids want to play fetch with him. Otherwise he seems pretty well trained. His previous owner was a dog trainer. Supposedly he also loves to catch frisbees. Have to buy one of those! Him and Oreo had a good time with the hose this afternoon. They kept getting trying to drink out of the spray nozzle but kept getting wet and then shaking off, getting me wet. It was fun. I think I should wash up before going to Zemin's wedding tonight...

He likes dunking his toys in water. Maybe he doesn't like the slimy ball feel in his mouth.

Hero's really skinny right now, and looks malnourished. His coat doesn't shine. He doesn't know that you're supposed to waggle your tail and act really excited and gobble it up when someone gives you a cookie or some beef jerky. He doesn't know how to climb stairs either. Or ride elevators. He isn't even used to being petted. His face even scares me a little right now. And his feet are so big and thick, he reminds me of those big hairy monsters that run through the forest and terrorize me in my nightmares sometimes.

Dad told me to stop thinking about how he must have been treated, and said that if conditions were better for him there, he wouldn't be here today. Makes sense. Dad said Hero was trained to be a rescue dog. I did find an ID number tatooed into his left ear. Hopefully he will get Mom and Dad out walking and exercising more.

Before Hero came, King used to look like a pony, and Oreo used to look like a Boxer. And now King just looks like a Boxer and Oreo a Boston Terrier. Lucky, a Chihuahua maybe, and Miffy a furry shadow in the background.

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