Saturday, 18 October 2008

Mom day

I’m scheduled to anchor at 23h00 tonight, so I had nearly the entire day free, minus sleeping until noon. I still have jetlag from working on the night shift.

Mom picked me up around 13h30 and I wanted to show her the really nice job John and Fudy have done on the décor and ambience at L’Idiot, so we went there for brunch.

We had a crab cakes benedict, salade Nicoise and passion fruit soufflé. I agree with Donna, the crab cakes benedict is quite tasty. So far, the dishes I enjoyed at L’Idiot most are the crab cakes benedict, tofu ice cream and brownie cake.

After brunch, I went into FTV for make-up and hair. The hair/make ladies didn’t want to wait until 22h00 to work on me, so I went in for them at 14h30 instead and they got to leave early. I first thought, “how ridiculous of them to get me to come in 10 hours before going on air,” but I later realized that it was a good chance to make friends. They were SO polite to me and kept complimenting me on everything, from my haircut to my personality to my reports. Well. Thank you.

After make-up & hair, I jumped back into Mom’s car, and we continued our day. She wanted to see a movie, so we went to Breeze Centre and saw “Body of Lies,” which was pretty good. Afterwards, we did some window shopping and Mom brought me home with groceries so I can rest a little before going into the TV station and she can go home before Dad does.

Shopping with my two mothers are really different experiences, I’ve finally noticed today. Well, they are similar in that when we go grocery shopping, I often get to car sit because we’re either double parked or are parked in the tow-zone, so that they can “quickly” go in and pick up the things we need. Different in that with one mom, I get mobbed by her emotional aggravations, and with the other mom, we get mobbed by her fans. Not always pleasant, but I do love my moms, very much.

Off to the TV station. See you on air in a couple of hours!

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