Friday, 24 October 2008

Go away, flu

The fever’s gone away, but the rest of the flu stayed. Weak and handling too many things, I fell down the stairs at the Taipei City Council today. I was walking down the main stairs from the second floor to the first, and with purse in one hand, camera equipment in the other, my assigner called. Doing too many things at once, feeling nauseous and weak, I pretty much spilled onto the city council lobby. Everything except my phone went flying everywhere. Aigh. Embarrassing AND painful it was.

I finally went to see the doctor at lunch and picked up medicine. By about 20h00, I was feeling much better. I should have gone earlier! Maybe I wouldn’t be losing my voice if I went yesterday.

Good thing that the DPP rally is tomorrow and I’m reporting instead of anchoring. Still, that means I’ll have to be running around, and by the looks of it, in the rain too.

I had hoped to get Sunday off because my assigner took Thursday and Saturday from me, but no such luck. Have to work Sunday after all. So I’m going to Singapore Monday morning for Mama’s concert in the evening and coming back Tuesday afternoon. At least I’ll have an afternoon to explore. Looking forward to hearing Mama sing jazz and standards. Looking forward to seeing Oneesan too. Very excited!

When am I getting my days back? It better be soon! I have more than two weeks worth of weekend days racked up, plus another seven vacation days, and if I don’t use some of it, they’ll convert part of it to cash, which I don’t want. I want rest, not money!

Speaking of rest, I need to take medicine and go to bed. Have to be well by Sunday.

Good night!

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Anonymous said...

Have fun in Singapore. Lucky girl !. Michel.