Tuesday, 24 January 2006

Correction; Michael; Reporting: Taiwan's best pizza

Correction on my days of the week. Mama says it is not 月火水水木金金. Translated, that would be "Monday, Tuesday, Smooth, Thursday, Friday, Friday." Rather, it is 月月火水水木金金. Two moons and two golds. Does that mean we spend twice the amount of time under the moon working for twice the amount of gold than other people? Hm. I hope so. That's not very efficient, though, is it? Must work smarter.

Michael went back to San Francisco today. It's back to quiet and boring nights.

At least now I will go to bed earlier.

Here's a report I did on a really good pizza place in Taipei. It was aired 9 January. I really liked the place. It really reminded me of pizza in the States and brings back some childhood memories, minus the wine. I was very woozy on the way back to the station. But I must say, red wine really goes with pizza. They're opening another restaurant next month, and I'm really looking forward to it. Can you say "Garden Burger?"

Slug: Taiwan's Best Pizza (1'13'')

Pizza joints can be found on nearly any block in Taipei city, but not all of them are worth writing home about. Today FTV's Michella Weng takes to you a place highly recommended by internationals and locals alike.##

Opening stand-up:
This pizzeria was voted “best in Taiwan” in an online poll by a group of mostly international residents.

The red-and-black painted walls give the basement restaurant a warm, cozy feel. They serve heart-stopping pizzas, calzones, and a variety of hearty appetizers.
紅與黑的裝潢給人的第一個感覺就是 很溫暖
這邊 提供的是 披薩 半月形派餅 還有各式各樣的前菜

Sound bite:
Stafford Tipton
The crust is very, very thin, and I love it. It's probably the best pizza I think I've ever had.
它的餅非常非常的薄 我超愛的

On a scale of one to five, with five being best?
如果說一到五 五為最好吃 你給它打幾分

Sound bite:
Stafford Tipton
I give it a ten.

Sound bite:
Lawrence Ho
Oh, probably above a four, said this customer. After my friend brought me here for my birthday last year, I've been coming once a week since. The price is actually pretty reasonable, too.

There are a number of different pizzas to choose from, and if you want to create your own pie there are more than 30 toppings to choose from. All the baked goods come out of the stone oven that the owner made himself.
菜單上有好幾種披薩讓你選 但是你如果想要自己挑稻料的話
還有 所有烤的東西都是從這個 老闆自己做的石材烤箱 出來的喔

Sound bite:
Alan Pontes
We do our very best to make everything fresh. We make our own dough. We make our own sauce. We use the best quality ingredients we can find in Taiwan.
我們很注重用新鮮的食材 我們的餅也是自己做的 醬也是自己做的

You don't have to be a meat-lover to enjoy this place, though. They cater to vegans and vegetarians as well.
吃素的朋友呢 也沒有問題 蛋奶素和全素的餐點都有

Michella Weng, Formosa TV, Taipei.
民視新聞 李家和 翁郁容 台北採訪報導


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