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Sweet German Christmas story

Aired 16 Dec 2005

Slug: Sweet German Christmas

While Christmas may not be widely observed in Taiwan, a baker from Germany has brought some of his Christmas traditions here and shared them with FTV's Michella Weng.##

Opening stand-up:
Near the Zhishan Taipei MRT station, there is a German bakery that has been the talk of the town. Let's have a look.

What started out a small bistro is now a restaurant with a bakery attached to it. And with Christmas right around the corner, this Bäckerei, German for bakery, is in holiday mode, churning out special cookies, pastries and desserts.
本來只是經營德國小吃 現在變成了一家餐廳加糕餅店
因為聖誕節快到了 德文叫做Bäckerei的麵包店

Whether they’re meant to sweeten up the homesick soul or to simply bring a smile and a new flavor to the local community, they’re all eye candy to me.
對記者來說 毎一個糕點都是色香味俱全

Michael Wendel is a third generation baker. He’s brought ingredients and secret family recipes from his home in Ludwigshafen, Germany. But that’s not all—he’s brought part of the German Christmas tradition as well.
Michael Wendel家經營糕餅店已經三代了
有一些材料和祖傳秘方 可都是從老家Ludwigshafen搬過來的喔
不只是食物 他也把德國的聖誕傳統給帶來台灣了

Sound bite:
Michael Wendel
The Stollen is a very old, traditional bread, from 1329. It's a Christmas bread. The people didn't have many things--poor times. So they took all the things they had to put together to make a very special bread for Christmas.
這Stollen是個很老 很傳統的麵包 從西元1329年就有了
當時因為很窮 人民沒什麼東西
所以他們把家裡所有的好料 都拌在一起 拿來慶祝聖誕節

The Stollen, along with the chocolate pear star, red wine cake and anis cookie are all seasonal items, so if you want a taste of these, you’d better hurry home or here, because Santa may not save any for you.
這些 Stollen 巧克力梨子蛋糕 紅酒蛋糕 茴香餅乾 可都是節慶性的喔
所以您如果要吃看看 就趕快回德國或來這邊
因為聖誕老人說不定 不會留給你呢

Closing stand-up:
If you can’t make it back to Germany for the holidays, perhaps this place can be your home away from home.
Michella Weng, Formosa TV, Taipei.
如果趕不回德國過節 可以來這邊試試德式聖誕節
民視新聞 楊麒民 翁郁容 台北採訪報導

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