Tuesday, 17 January 2006


I don't know how I made it through the day. I was so tired, incoherent, unable to understand what anyone was saying and absolutely cranky. It was especially difficult talking to the organizer of an indie audiovisual exhibition. He seemed like quite an artist and very out there to begin with. I'm amazed that I even managed to finish the report. What's left to be done tomorrow is the Chinese translation and the video edit once the extra footage they promised me arrive.

Michael and Lydia picked me up after work and brought me some food to eat in the car. After a few bites, I fell asleep, and slept all the way home.

After a day of trudging and grumping and stomach pains, there was nothing better than a nice, hot bath.

I love baths. I grew up showering, but now I can't sleep without a nice soak. It's become my favorite part of the day. Gosh, I really miss our deep bath tub in Japan.

There's something else I really miss there, too. Oh, this is eating me alive. If only I can find a job I like over there...

Tomorrow morning, I'm going over to the Tzu Chi TV station (大愛) to meet the news director. What was originally a simple inquiry into doing some volunteer work has now become a rather formal appointment with the news chief. I wonder what will happen.

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miNgo said...

remember when mom used to buy the milk bubble bath soaps and let us soak in their big jacuzzi tub thing in cupertino??? i miss those happy warm days.. it sucks to have grown up.. then again, i can't complain because we still get taken to onsen, i guess it's the same activity but in a different location.. but i liked them milk and lavendar bubbles.