Monday, 16 January 2006

Reporting: Art and living

This story aired tonight. It was on a bistro called "Toast." I really liked the place. I hope to go back one day. Anyone want to come along?

I really liked the opening stand-up where I walked through a drape made from Chinese dress fabric. Have a look via our VOD website.

Slug: Art and Living (1'27'')

Modern art is often difficult to appreciate, perhaps because it’s not easily understood. Owners of a restaurant in Taipei have set out to bring art to a level where people can better relate to it. FTV’s Michella Weng shows you the picture.##

Opening stand-up:
The inability of relating to art often stands in the way of appreciating its beauty. Today, we bring you to a place where some people attempt to bring art and living closer together.
有很多人因為無法理解一個藝術品 所以敬而遠之
今天我們帶您一起來看看這些人 怎麼把人和藝術的距離給拉近

These colorful traditional fabrics and lanterns are part of the latest exhibit set to coincide with the coming of the Lunar New Year. The artwork made of everyday items isn’t really traditional at all, however, and is integrated into the space of this restaurant.


Sound bite:
Eason Chen
進而讓你能夠真正的體會 並且看到每一件作品能夠讓你心中
能夠產生一種愉快感覺 我們覺得這才是叫做真正的藝術

Just about anything we come into contact in with in our daily life can be art, said manager Eason Chen. Real art is what you can connect with and makes you happy.

Most people in Taiwan can indeed connect with the fabric used to make traditional Chinese dresses or the patterns that are often seen in Hakka homes. Here, “daily” art is fused into the living space. These cubic tables and chairs are another example.

大部分在台灣的人對這些做旗袍的布料 或者是客家花布 並不陌生
在這裡 藝術真的融入了生活空間

As for the menu, it also reflects the owners’ artistic and mix-and-match philosophy and changes with the exhibits.
餐點呢 也反應老闆的複合式觀點 跟著展覽的主題變動

From a customer’s perspective, this is one place that caters to all the senses, art lover or not.
不管對藝術有沒有興趣 從一個客人的角度來看 這絕對是一個可以讓人滿足各種知覺的好地方

Michella Weng, Formosa TV, Taipei.
民視新聞 廖松筠 翁郁容 台北採訪報導

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miNgo said...

having art that everyone can relate to is what andy warhol (warhola) pioneered with the cambel soup can drawings and brillo boxes.