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Reporting: Journey of art and food

This aired on 11 Jan 2005.

Slug: Journey of Art and Food (1'13'')

Gourmets agree that food should be a feast of all the senses, visual as well as olfactory. However, as FTV's Michella Weng reports, on Taipei eatery is looking to take that a step further, and make dining an artistic and cultural experience.##

Opening stand-up:
This is where art, food, drink and music supposedly meet. Let's have a look.
聽說這是一家 藝術 餐飲 和音樂 結合在一起的餐廳

[NS: music; picture: art on the walls]

From the decor, you can tell right away that it's a very casual place. However, the artistic installments give the space a special touch and a bohemian feel. Here, they have rotating exhibits featuring the work of both Taiwanese and international amateur artists.

看餐廳的裝潢 就知道這是個很輕鬆 悠閒的地方
然而 陳列在室內的藝術品 賦予這個空間一種很特別 脫俗的感覺
老闆也會定時的更換展覽品 給各地的藝術家多一點呈現作品的機會

But as this is a restaurant, what about the food?
不過這邊畢竟還是一家餐廳 所以餐點如何呢

Sound bite:
Greg Walsh
We've got a menu that we based on the theme of a culinary journey around the world. The whole restaurant's concept is to be where the world meets and eats.
我們的菜單 主題是環球料理旅遊
餐廳的概念就是讓各地的異國人 聚在這邊吃異國菜

Many of the spices they use aren't produced locally, so executive chef Tomer Feldman buys imported ones to keep the different flavors exotic and interesting. And while there are common dishes like the Caesar salad and slightly more outlandish dishes like falafel, many of the other items on the menu are original creations, and are definitely worth a try.
主廚 Tomer Feldman都購買進口的東西 讓客人能嚐嚐道地的異國風味
菜色呢 當然有大家聽過的凱薩沙拉 也有一些比較不一樣的
像是中東的炸豆丸子 不過還有很多的東西也是他們自己開發的 很值得試試喔

With great food, changing displays and the occasional open jam session, this place has become one of the most popular hangouts of the foreign artistic community.
這個結合美食 藝術 還有有時候有live band 的餐廳

Michella Weng, Formosa TV, Taipei.
民事新聞 林豐俊 翁郁容 台北採訪報導

I haven't heard the live performances, and don't think much of the art (it was just an angle), but the food sure is good, and very reasonably priced.

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