Friday, 27 January 2006

Ooooohhhhh...; Report: Gubarev's holiday plans

What a day. It's been too many late nights and early mornings. I'm going to fall apart. And I still haven't done anything for the radio show yet. Oooooohhh.......

Here's the report I had to get up at 6h00 to do. This morning, I was so tired my broach that I really should have attached last night was in the wrong place, my hair had too much product in it and I forgot my eyeliner. I was driving and doing make-up at the same time. I hate that, but it's the second time in a week I've had to do it. Another trick I learned to save time is instead of using a body towel to dry myself off, I just put on my robe. It doesn't feel great, but it works.

Gosh, I was so sleepy I even had to resort to coffee after lunch. I just got home from a meeting with a town guide magazine I have been translating for. The past few days has felt like crawling back into the house on my hands and knees late at night, and then running out the door and hopping back into the car early in the morning, work bag in one hand and make-up bag in the other. Ooooooohhh.......

I just have to get through tomorrow, and then I have time to get started on the radio thing. But I still need to go into the station to redo my food/fun stories in Chinese for the Chinese programming. Ooooooohhh.......

And then it's Chinese New Year and it will be dinners after dinners, and seeing relatives that I don't really know and passing out red envelopes (紅包/お年玉). I was so happy that I got even 1,5 months for my bonus, which was prorated 75% because I have only been a full-time employee for 3/4 year. But after I figured out how much money I need to give to my parents in red envelopes now that I am working, I realized that bonuses were really meant for other people. One envelope for Mother, one for Father, one for Godmother, one for each grandparent, and then one for each of all the little kids that I will have to come into contact with over the holidays... Oooooooohhhhh.... I haven't even got enough left for Godgrandparents, but they are in Japan, so I am just going to have to cheat on that. Or give it to them when I see them next.

So there goes my bonus. My very first bonus. At least I still have a salary to pay for food and parking and petrol.

Anyway, here is the report. I really must call in Mr Sandman. It's another crazy day tomorrow.

This is part one of a series of ambassador CNY stories we were asked by the news chief to do.

I liked this guy. He was a gentleman and very charming and educated as well. Lovely.

Must get to bed. Another long day ahead tomorrow. Starting from doctor's appointment. Maybe my doctor can give me some genki juice.

Slug: Gubarev’s Holiday Plans (1'03'')

This will be the first Lunar New Year that Russian representative Dr Sergei Gubarev is spending in Taiwan. He assumed the post less than three months ago, and he hopes to spend the holidays exploring. Michella Weng has more.##


Previously stationed in China and Singapore, Russian economic and culture representative Dr Sergei Gubarev is no stranger to the Lunar New Year holidays. But this is the first time he is spending it in Taiwan. And having just arrived in November, he is quite eager to get to know what’s here.
之前曾經被派駐至新加坡和中國的Sergei Gubarev博士 對過農曆年可不陌生
不過在台灣過節可是第一次 所以十一月剛報到的代表 想要利用這個假期

Interview :
Michella Weng
FTV Reporter
What do you plan on doing this Lunar New Year, your first Lunar New Year, in Taiwan?

Dr Sergei Gubarev
Russian Trade & Culture Rep.
To know more about Taipei and about your charming island. I intend to go to Taroko, then Taichung and maybe Kaohsiung to see the places that I have not been yet. No specific places yet, but to have a general impression about the second largest city of Taiwan, about one of the biggest ports of Asia will be very useful for me.
我打算到太魯閣 然後台中或高雄 到一些我還沒有去過的地方
沒有特定的點 不過我想去看看台灣第二大的城市 也就是亞洲大港口之一
這對我來說 應該會很有幫助

Though his family can’t be here with him to celebrate the holidays, Dr Gubarev will have the chance to experience Taiwanese hospitality and have plenty of time to relax.
雖然家人沒辦法陪代表過年 但是他可以趁這個節慶好好的休息

Michella Weng, Formosa TV, Taipei.
民視新聞 吳宗儒 翁郁容 台北採訪報導

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