Saturday, 14 January 2006

It's finally Friday!

It's finally Friday! Which means I am off tomorrow. Yay! I don't think I've looked forward to a weekend like this in a long, long time. A year? Maybe more?

I've only been back from Tokyo for a week, and it feels like it's been a month.

What in the world have I been doing?

Thu: arrive Taipei 22h30

Fri: meeting at the radio station in the morning, production work at the TV station in the afternoon

Sat: work on the infomercial at a production company in the afternoon, dinner with Musketeers

Sun: work at FTV (report on pizza place and production)

Mon: work at FTV (report on artsy internationals' hangout and production); pick up Vivian (old friend visiting from LA) after work to stay over in Danshui; finish story after bath; chat until both konk out

Tue: wake up early to transcribe nightmare informercial; zip into town and have quick lunch with Vivian; production work at FTV; translate English to Chinese three articles for a magazine after work

Wed: meeting in the morning with an animation company about script writing and voice over opportunities; get haircut; production work at FTV

Thu: reporting on modern art gallery/bistro and production work at FTV

Today: meeting at radio station in the morning; production work at FTV

I am tired! I have one day (tomorrow) to recharge before my circus act starts again.

My brother Michael wants to have breakfast at Yangmingshan (陽明山) tomorrow morning.

Then I have to go say hello to my print sensei at the art school on the other side of the county so that he won't disown me for good.

And then I have to go to dinner at one of the Musketeers' home again tomorrow. Ughhhh... If those ojisans didn't smoke, drink and act so dumb every time they get together, I think I would actually enjoy spending time with them. Guys will never grow up, will they?

I'm never going to get any rest. This past week, I realized that when I'm tired, I tend to eat, and eat a lot of sweets too. It's terrible. I'm getting ugly, fat and grumpy. I have to figure out a better way to do this. I must work smarter and faster!

I'm very very much looking forward to Chinese New Year, which won't come for another two weeks...

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