Thursday, 11 October 2007

Du in trouble again

Minister of Education Du Zhengsheng went with the President and other cabinet members to a disaster briefing during the typhoon, and fell asleep. Du wouldn't admit that he fell asleep, saying that he only closed his eyes for a moment, but was still listening. Known for bending the meaning of idioms (罄竹難書), defending the introduction of strange new idioms (三隻小豬) giving strange reasons for his actions (shoving a reporter's microphone out of his face because "it was filthy with bacteria), etc, the media and MP's had another field day with him.

During an Executive Yuan meeting three days after the disaster briefing, he was caught on film "closing his eyes" and picking his nose.

Falling asleep is not a crime, but time after time of not admitting mistakes gives more and more arsenal to people who have an agenda. While it's true that there are other things to report on (like always), I think the media chose to put every one of his actions under the microscope because it was payback time.

(pictures via TVBS)

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