Tuesday, 23 October 2007

What makes you happy?

In desperation, I reached out. And surely at the end of my arms and fingertips, I found a helping hand - Ping Chu's (朱平).

Mr Chu wrote that happiness is a choice that requires intentional effort. That got me thinking: what is happiness to me and what makes me happy?

Happiness to me is staying on top of challenges - such as tasks, jobs or problems - and being recognized for doing well. Happiness to me is also making people happy. So for the time being, I've decided to go back to focusing on solving the problems that have been bothering me, and to try to create a little bit of happiness for the people around me.

Hopefully this works. Thank you, Mr Chu.

Now it's time for me to go to bed and wake up to a brighter tomorrow... at four in the morning... It's back to Ketagalan Blvd for me and Roy, starting at 6h00, thanks to a very democratic nation that loves political rallies. Which means, we get to document and be a part of history tomorrow. Wish us safety and luck. :)

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