Saturday, 20 October 2007

Lucky me

I didn't ask to be sent to interview Mama when she was in town, but my chief editor decided to send me after all. And expecting that I wouldn't be able to attend the dinner hosted by the Tainan County magistrate, my cameraman said he'd cover for me at the airport disaster drill so I should go to the dinner and just meet him when he's done filming. Lucky me! didn't even have a chance to have half a conversation with Mama, but it was nice to at least see her for a little bit. I don't know when I'll have the chance again. Sigh. After New Year's? After the presidential election and inauguration? That's more than half a year away! :(

My MD gave me the day off from anchoring tomorrow, because she saw the roster and thought I'd be too tired to anchor right after a week of night shift. This is the first time I've been given a day off after the night shift. I don't know what prompted her to be so considerate. Hm. But I appreciate it, and I'm glad I'm a lucky person.

(images via TVBS news and Council for Cultural Affairs press release)

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