Saturday, 20 October 2007


I'm finally off the night shift. I thought it would never end. But after working 8 straight days, who wouldn't be tired, let alone working these crazy hours.

Tomorrow, I have to work on getting back into the right time zone, because I have to be at the station by 3h30 to anchor starting from 06h00. Starbucks isn't even open at that hour. Gosh.

I plan to wake up at 9h00 (and not be able to craw out of bed until 11h00) to have brunch, vacuum the floor, do the laundry, fertilize the plants and go to yoga. My body is aching terribly. Then after yoga if I can manage to walk home that is, I'll shower up, take a sleeping pill and go to bed by 20h00. Somehow I don't think any of this is realistic at all. We'll see. I need a vacation.

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