Saturday, 1 December 2007

Good bye, November

Yesterday was another retarded day with my retarded boss. He assigned me to do a story on a fashion show rehearsal in the afternoon (with an 18h00 deadline) and then to cover it live at 19h00. The problem with that is, there is nothing special going on at the dress rehearsal and the story would only be aired once, if at all, because the event starts at 19h00, and I would be reporting live from the scene. And indeed, the story wasn't aired before we went live at the event, so we effectively wasted an entire afternoon, filming, writing, and editing a story for nothing. I had another story to write for someone else, so I wasn't completely unproductive, but my cameraman sure wasn't happy either.

Today was not so retarded, just busy, but him calling me once every ten minutes during a very quiet lecture at the Taipei Arena was rather annoying. Ninety-one more days until I figure out how to not be bugged by him!

I'm really glad November is over. My salary arrived, I'm finally off the night shift, and I get a few more hours to sleep before I go on air at 11h00 tomorrow. Yes, Bird Brain's boss was nice enough to find someone to cover for me in the earlier segments.

My brain is dead, my body is collapsed, but I feel good, and I no longer have the urge to swear like a sailor. It's time to celebrate. Hip hip hooray!

Next thing to work on: to stop complaining.

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