Thursday, 20 December 2007

No, thank you

Mr Stalker went from sending flowers and showing up at the station to saying he'll never watch FTV again and back to "hey, long time no see." Well, here is the latest: he is now attempting to marry me someone else.

Text message to my phone on 18 December 2007 at 13h50
郁容小姐 我是大佑,近來好嗎?現有朋友華國飯店蔡媽為三兒子務色媳婦。她兒子留美的、未滿三十八歲,希望對象不超過三十二歲、善體人意、乖巧、人品、學識等等儘在妳一身,妳若有意願,我安排好嗎?至於妳的背景,我可先安排我小媽 代理長輩或認妳作乾女兒,如何?

Then another one at 16h08
郁容小姐 大佑補充背景資料,蔡家以前作鰻魚的.號稱鰻魚大王;我小媽用免稅商店采盟公司大股東身份.就不會矮人一級.把握機會.聽蔡媽說她兒子非常優秀

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