Saturday, 1 December 2007


Murakami Takashi (the artist best known for bringing the colorful, comical designs to Louis Vuitton) held a lecture at the Taipei Area tonight, hosting an audience of about 12 thousand. He's quite a hit in Asia these days because of his designs on Louis Vuitton goods, but did you know that he was really famous for creating what some say are "overly sexed" anime figurines? Say hello to "Hiropon" and "My Lonesome Cowboy".

Anyway, a ton of people were to attend his forum, and I was sent to report on it. There was an entrance for VIP's, and that's where we were stationed before the start of the lecture. While waiting for certain VIP's, a really familiar face walked by in front of me. It was Binfu. I don't know if he saw me, because he was (as always) looking at his mobile phone. My first reaction was to turn away and pretend I was invisible (much like how ostriches hide their head in sand to pretend that nothing is wrong in the world). It was a very strange feeling.

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