Thursday, 13 December 2007

Tired and burned out

After running around from morning until night for days covering the CKS Memorial mess, more head and wall butting with my boss and too many social events, I'm so tired and burned out.

Good thing that this week, I get two days off. Two days! It feels like vacation! So I decided to come home to Danshui after work yesterday.

So this morning, I did a whirlwind 18 holes with Uncle Cody in just two hours. I think I'm doing alright as a one-a-year golfer. I can still hit alright! It was only 8h30 when we were done with golf, so I came home and went back to bed.

These are interesting-looking flowers I found at the golf course (老淡水球場). They look like dinosaur eggs.

I've been wanting to go horseback riding for a long time, but was too tired, so decided to drive up there for a walk and talk with horses. I could only take one dog, and since Oreo raised her hand first (well, more like ran into the elevator first), I brought her along, much to the jealousy of the other girls and boy.

At the riding school, they also have some other interesting animals, like deer. Their mama dear and papa dear had a fawn not too long ago, and Oreo had a first meeting with it.

Oreo's not afraid of gigantic horses, but Bambi is just too scary for her. I don't know how that works.

After about an hour of walking around at the riding school, I signed up for a class for tomorrow morning and we went home, listening to Louis Armstrong all the way. She was exhausted.

Looking forward to riding tomorrow and a little bit more rest until another week of hell.

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EC said...

Ingie pointed out a typo, mama dearest (aka Joan Crawford)