Tuesday, 27 May 2008

The power of positive thinking 正面思考的力量

"Michella, heh heh, what are you doing? Come over here for a second," said the deputy managing director of News, Paul Tsai. THUMP. "This project is for you to execute. Thirty 1,5 minute reports on travel, culture and fun in Taiwan for the Tourism Bureau. It'll require some traveling. All yours. You were the first person that came to mind at the meeting. You're required to do a version in Mandarin and a version in English and this will also be shown on the China Airlines in-flight news and also sent to CNN."


I'm also working on finding funding for a series of reports on the historical streets of Taiwan. If it comes through, I'll get to do two seasons (half a year) of two five-minute reports per week on the historical streets of Taiwan. There is an entire business team writing the proposal for me right now. I can't believe it. I normally can't even successfully pitch a daily news story to my assigner and now an entire business team is writing an official proposal for me. When there's money to be made, everyone's attitude sure is different! Keeping my fingers crossed. If this goes through, I won't have to worry about daily news monkey business and just concentrate on executing the projects, which is going around Taiwan and sharing the beautiful things that I see with the audience.

Signs of more good things to come.

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Jughead said...

Michella, if you ever need a good cameraman in the South (Chiayi), or anywhere in Taiwan if it's for something on the weekend, give me a call.

0988 002 685