Sunday, 25 May 2008

More flowers

After returning from LA, I had lunch with Mom the next day. After lunch, we went to the flower market. Ah, heaven! Thanks, Mom!

The first thing I do after getting home from work every night is water the flowers. I still kill orchids, but I think I'm getting better at growing them. The ones that came from Santa Ana were in really bad shape. Even without me watering, the leaves got water-logged and started rotting and falling off. I'm guessing they watered down the middle.

This time at the flower market, I got Cattleya and Oncidium orchids instead of Phalaenopsis orchids. Flowers from the market are so much healthier. Florists, although they're great at arranging flowers, don't seem to care much for the health of flowers.

The purple on this lip is beautiful!

Something to give the bathroom a little warmth.

A yellow Cattleya for the office to make the dreariness a little more bearable.

Dancing ladies.

Trying to be fancy by removing the moss and suspending my giant Phalaenopsis inside a glass vase. Problem: molds easily. I think I'm going to end up killing this one. As long as the core is OK, it'll regrow, supposedly. Hopefully.

Heart shaped guys. So cute.

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