Saturday, 25 July 2009

CKS Memorial run

Ran to CKS Memorial, around it and then back today. 10,2 km in 73 minutes, plus taking pix in between. Taipei can be a very lovely city. 自由廣場 (Liberty Square) is very meaningful for me. It used to say "大中至正," and I was there reporting when it was torn down, along with all the protesting and violence that happened all throughout. I will never forget that night and the nights that followed it.

The middle two pictures are of the National Concert Hall and the National Theatre. They are in the same park/complex. I love that area. The memorial hall is inside and since it wasn't lit up, I didn't go take a picture. Perhaps if I go running there in the morning sometime, I'll take it.

Still a little high on caffeine, but much better now. At least I will be able to sleep tonight. Been a long day - 4h00 to 20h00. Yes, I still love my job :)

Sorry for the low quality pix - I took them with my E66. At least it has GPS on it!


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