Friday, 3 July 2009

Getting younger

After starting to treat my cameraman like a child, we began to get along much better. We're on the night shift together, and today's the last day of my stinking 10-day shift, but I haven't wanted to kill him yet. I think he's an adolescent with ADHD in a grown-up body. Something like a puppy who knows how to operate a news camera. He's 29, I'm 30, but these days, I feel 15. The upside is that I'm taking things less seriously, but the downside is that I'm eating junk food along with him and getting more and more 粗魯 (the opposite of elegant). I even had 雞排 (fried chicken) from a hole-in-the-wall tonight. Must find a balance!

I appreciate him much more these days. He's honest, doesn't hold a grudge, has a decent work ethic and is straight-forward. I'm tired, but I'm happy.

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