Thursday, 30 July 2009


Became really ill around 1h00 this morning and after I started running a fever, I went to the hospital by myself around 4h00. One anti-vomit injection, three bottles of IV drips and eight hours later, I was back home. What an agonizing night it was. The ER doctor said I had 急性腸胃炎 along with something else, probably because I was too tired and my immune system weak. Miserable. The soreness and fever really scared me. Thank goodness it was not H1N1.


céline HWANG said...


Captain Jack said...

OMG, you alright??? Hey, this is the warning sign from your body that tells you to take it easy. I know how much you enjoy your work (workaholic), and how you are a go-getter (overachiver!) but sometimes... don't forget to slow down the pace. I am sure you don't want to suffer all kind of health problem 10 years down the line wishing you had taken it easy. That's all for the lecture, but get well soon!!! :D

p.s. SLOW DOWN and enjoy life a little. There's much more in life than just work-work-work.

翁郁容 Michella Jade Weng ミシェラ・オング said...

Celine: 那天喊救命的力氣都沒有了... 掛完號,吐一次,走往急診室,再吐一次...差點當場昏倒. 喔,真的好難受。不過恢復的速度也真神速,今天幾乎都要活跳跳了。不過還是得當心點。搭檔警告我,這樣子出去跑步會越跑越昏。好吧,還是休息幾天好了。謝謝大家的關心 :)

Captain Jack: You sound more like Papa Jack. I'll try to rest more, thank you :) Time for bed it is.