Friday, 10 July 2009

What a day

It started with almost getting hit by 2 motorcyclists on the way to work, then getting stuck in the lift with my bicycle because the coworker I so courteously let exit before me didn't hold the door open for me, and as I was trying to push my bicycle out, the door closed and back down I went, from the 16th floor to B4. When I finally made my way back up to 16F again and bumped into her in the office, she said "Sorry, I was going to be late, and I really tried pushing the button for you but didn't make it in time." Right, so I let her get to work on time and she let me be late to work. Great.

Reported on a trite subway story about the new Neihu Line making too much noise. On the lift back up to our offices, I offered and pressed the floor for a woman with her hands full of documents, then one second, two seconds, three seconds passed and she hadn't said anything else to me except for, "2nd floor" when she got in the lift on the first floor. I couldn't stand it anymore and said a little louder than usual, "You're welcome." Was this Bad Manner Day? Well, at least she replied to my "you're welcome" with a "thank you."

Then in the afternoon, I hauled derrier to get the Mandarin & Taiwanese versions of the weekly travel story out, put subtitles on them (Thank you, English News for helping w/ the English!) and off I went to the Department of Health, who was holding at press conference in response to the case of trace amounts of arsenic found in samples of frying oil from some McDonald's restaurants in Taipei County (an ongoing story). DOH officials were 45 minutes late, the answers they gave were less than clear and less than satisfactory. PC ended around 19h00.

On the way back to the office, on Civil Blvd (市民大道), I reported back to Solon about what was said at the PC, and before I could finish, he said, "I'll call you back, a tour bus just exploded." Well well well. We ran into the bus that caught on fire on the way back, and ended up making a U on the expressway, with cars coming at us at 80kph. We were literally running around on the expressway with cars zooming by us, filming the charred engine and the evacuated Japanese tourists it was driving, who were then on the tiny shoulder, standing in front or sitting on top of their luggage. Good thing no one was hurt, including us. What an adrenaline rush that was. I'd do it again any day or night, but hopefully not when I'm supposed to be at home, getting ready for bed to wake up at 3 tomorrow to anchor.

By the time I got back to the office and finished taking care of everything, it was 21h00 :(

So much for the run I was hoping to do with my new Sports Tracker. Tomorrow maybe!


amida said...

Last time I tried saying "You're welcome" to someone who should have said "Thank you," they said "我沒有說謝謝啊!” :D (Actually, this happened at FTV....)

翁郁容 Michella Jade Weng ミシェラ・オング said...