Sunday, 23 September 2007

Afternoon in Muzha

I suggested to my assigner that we go check out what everyone's BBQing today at Dabao Creek (大爆溪), but she sent us to the zoo and the Maokong Gondola instead. There was a baby baboon at the zoo and she wanted to see how the people traffic was at the gondola. It was a much better than the newspaper story she had us throw together this morning. I thought the whole thing was so lousy that I didn't even put my name on it. I kept telling myself, "sometimes we can only execute."

In the afternoon, we did 3 lives from the zoo and filmed some more at the gondola.

Sorry I don't have pictures of the baby baboon. Was too busy. But here are pictures from the gondola. If you visit Taipei, you must take a ride at the Maokong Gondola. I suggest you come around sunset to avoid the heat, though.

Roy's first time on the gondola

Rainbow after some light rain

If you look carefully, there's a partial rainbow on the outside of the more complete rainbow

Airhead in the air. Don't worry, this was not a real live.

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