Friday, 28 September 2007


Other education reporters. Taken at the Grand Hotel while we waited for the President, Vice President and Minister of Education to arrive to pass out awards to teachers. It was Teachers' Day in Taiwan today. When you have so many big guys at the same event, it gets crazy. In the end, we didn't do the story on the awards ceremony. The story that only got made was the VP's response to charges of inappropriately using her special funds to buy doughnuts at Carrefour. I would have been very depressed if I had to write that story. Instead, Guiya, whom I sent the tape back to the station to, finished the job. I stayed on location to see if the President would say anything about it when he arrived. He said nothing. Thank goodness.

Some people say that covering political news is recording history, and everything else is just a speck of dust in the wind. Sometimes I like the speck of dust in the wind much better.

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