Friday, 14 September 2007

Reasons to get married

(Images copied and pasted from Yahoo! News)

Reasons people get married (that I can think of right now):
1. for love, when two people love each other
2. for parents, when the parents want the couple to marry each other
3. for convenience

Last Sunday, once again, local TV stations followed another one of Apple Daily's stories. It was about a 50 year-old Taiwanese travel agency owner (with a supposed net worth of TWD 400 million), who married a 40 year-old Japanese woman (with a supposed net worth of TWD 700 million) whose family owns one of the largest traditional resorts in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan.

Here's the lead story that my co-worker wrote:






(soundbites missing)

I was reassigned to help cover this wedding because many of the guests were Japanese. I was told to write about how much he supposedly spent on the wedding:









(soundbites missing)

Things that really stuck out that night:
The fact that Guo sent a press release about the wedding, with info on how much he is worth, how much his fiancee is worth and how much the traditional Japanese wedding dress cost.
How much Guo loved showing off - the commercials he's starred in, how much he spent on the wedding.
The rumor that he supposedly used to be gay (as reported by ETToday and as told to me by a friend who's worked with him before).

Take those and add them to these:
What Guo stands to gain from marrying Shintaki: securing good rates from hotels the Shintaki's and their business partners or friends own.
What Shintaki stands to gain from marrying Guo: securing a steady flow of travelers to their resort

And what my colleagues and I concluded was, it was a marriage of convenience. As Max put it, 只不過是個異業結盟的慶功宴

And to top it off, nearly every single TV station extensively covered the lunch AND dinner banquets, with SNG vans lined up around the block.

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