Saturday, 15 October 2005

Busy Day Off

Excerpts from an email today:

Relaxing after a period of hard working is something that appears to be impossible, at least for me. I've given up. If I just "rest," something is bound to happen and I am bound to have to get out of bed and deal with it and still be tired at the end of the day. So instead of staying home and resting today (on my day off), I decided to go down to the fine arts museum to see the Vivienne Westwood exhibit. Wow, I am in love with her work. From absolutely ridiculous punk rock and S&M to ultra feminist to couture, all self taught, this woman is amazing. I love her shoes, too! It was quite interesting, also because 90% of the hundreds of people there appeared to have been art/fashion students. People were quite fashionable, in the 1980's kind of way. Not exactly main stream or something that I like, but it was good to see people who like art and are daring enough to try, there. I was having so much fun that I sketched a few of the things. But there were simply too many exhibits and too many people for me to keep going, so I gave up after 45 minutes or so. You can see that I need more practice.

Afterwards, I drove to the office and on the way out, I ran into a cameraman who said to me, "you're here on your day off, again?" Well, it appears that such is my reputation now... But today, I was not there to work for a change. I was on my way out to buy shoes. My feet are killing me. I've been reporting on location in my heels. I did that marathon story (climbed onto & off of pick-up trucks, stood in the pick-up truck, ran alongside the athletes to get an interview in the end...) in my brown, 10 cm (so it seemed so) Charles Jourdan heels. I looked so cool, but my feel are going to fire me if I don't treat them better. So I went down to Asia World Mall and bought a pair of No Name high heel trainers. The all-leather ones look OK with slacks. The only thing they had that I wanted was in beige so I also ordered a pair of black and they're looking for white for me. White may not be available anymore, which teaches me again to buy when I first see it.

On the way out, I saw a really cute Samsonite bag that seems to be able to take some abusing while I'm on location. The backpack isn't big enough to fit A4 files, but I didn't want to look like a turtle on camera, so I got the small one and then a matching soft briefcase-like thing I had them dig out for me. Now I have enough space for everything--documents, newspapers, a handycam, all my "things." Awfully cute, I must say. And the color? Strawberry red. De~licious. They're not the most sophisticated looking things, but they'll do for the purpose and for the price, at least for now. I'll show some action shots after I come back from Taichung tomorrow.

Afterwards, I went to buy art supplies and met up with Grace Mama. Then we went to have vegetarian food with Dad and came home.

I'm so tired and have a full day covering a foreign community football tournament in Taichung tomorrow, but I am happy. I've given up on rest. I rest when I am sleeping.

Vivienne Westwood in a head scarf. Got me thinking about head scarves.

Cool ensemble from the 80's. Very cool. I'm going to start "borrowing" my father's neckties. ;)

Lovely, lovely 19th century-looking boots, in PINK.

Cute ensemble that I killed in my sketch.

Notes to myself.

I must find some nice hats!

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miNgo said...

i've been looking for a nice hat lately too.. i chopped all my hair off again and i'm growing it out again.. winter is rolling in and my dome seems to not like the coldness.