Sunday, 23 October 2005

Day Off

I woke up this morning with the world's biggest headache, at 10h50, which means I slept for more than 10 hours, which is probably why I had the headache.

All day long, I was lethargic, grumpy and my stomach didn't feel well. As my parents were preparing for their party, I stayed in my room. I could barely move. The way I felt reminds me of the time I nearly fried my brain during graduate school. I had been studying for days and days and days. One day, I just went froze. It took several seconds for me to react to anything, and I couldn't get myself to think at all. Well, I haven't been doing much thinking or studying lately, so my brain's still fine. Perhaps it's just my body that's overloaded.

Most of the day, I just cleaned my room, though it still quite a mess. I still have days of newspapers to catch up on.

I'm back to work tomorrow. In the morning, I'm going to do another dog and pony story about local kids playing in a football tournament, which is something quite rare, and very good, as my editor tells me. He coaches them. Then I'll be doing a story on the Hash House Harriers, a running (drinking?) club.

Please give me some ideas for "fun" stories!

Here's the script to one of my stories that we aired earlier.

Slug: Sound of History

From tube radios to gramophones, Number One Dian Tai (電台) Street has them all. FTV's Michella Weng takes you to the mini-museum in Taichung that celebrates the history of audio and broadcast and brings back some feelings of nostalgia.##

Hidden away in Taichung city is this quiet little complex that looks like an old private estate from some colonial era. But it's actually the site of the third oldest radio broadcast station in Taiwan. It was built by the Japanese in 1935. And when the Chinese Nationalist Party or KMT took over, the station became a part of the government-owned Broadcast Corporation of China (BCC).
Seven years ago, the BCC returned the complex to Taichung City and it has since become a mini museum of broadcast-related items.
七年前,中廣把這個地方還給台中市政府 現在已經成為了一個小小的廣播博物館

There is a collection of antique radios, tubes, disc phonographs, cylinder phonographs...enough to make even me nostalgic. There's even an old Japanese record here. In some cases, the original manuals are preserved along with the equipment.

And even though guided tours are only in Mandarin, just looking at the items and hearing the gramophones may be enough to work up some nostalgia.

Ending stand-up:
Wow, that was kind of interesting. And although there wasn't any music playing in there, I could've sworn I heard Ella Fitzgerald coming out of one of those radios. This is Michella Weng of Formosa TV in Taichung.
民視新聞 翁郁容 在台中採訪報導.

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miNgo said...

something fun to report on.. hrmm.. if they ever had any import tuner parties and events like the one shere in the deserts, that should be interesting.. starts out as an innocent legalized drag race, then as the sun falls down the devil in most people awaken, clothes start falling to the floor, jello gets poured into kiddy pools and girls start wrestling in it, asian kids do light shows to trance music, kids playing with remote control cars winning real acura NSX. and stuff like that.. pick up taipei walker and do something that looks fun. thenu can report about your fun day so the world is listening to you about your day and how much it was better than their shitty day.