Saturday, 22 October 2005

It's Friday!

It's a tradition to have our hair cut at home, once in a while. Yesterday was Pearl's turn.

I am beginning to enjoy being a travel/leisure reporter. It's really fun when it's well planned and when I get a cameraman that I like. Wednesday was great. We went out to Yingge and did some stories on the ceramics festival, the museum there and the Yingge/Sanxia area.

We usually get Saturdays off, but I usually choose to report anyway. My body's beat and my head is beating my mind in, so I'm going to sit this Saturday out. Oh my, it's past midnight AGAIN.

It's midnight and my party animal parents are testing the audio setup for tomorrow's party. They are crazy.

Here's the script for the festival story. My scripts are now both in English and Chinese, because we're putting Chinese subtitles on our show now, rather than the English (to the agony of our most loyal viewers). It's to get more viewers that are monitored by AC/Nielsen. So far, it seems to be working.

Yingge International Ceramics Festival

Lead in:
A museum in Taiwan’s ceramics center Yingge is holding a festival with sound as the theme. Formosa News reporter Michella Weng takes us to see how the museum combines the two.##

Opening stand-up:
The sound of ceramics is the theme of this year's Yingge International Ceramics Festival.

On special display at the Taipei County ceramics museum right now are numerous objects related to sound.

Some of them are made by professionals who have put great amounts of time and effort into their pieces, like the ones here that were the finalists in the Fourth Taipei Ceramics Awards. Every artist was asked to create works with "sound" as the underlying theme.

But hoping to increase the exposure of ceramics to people starting at a young age, the museum has also organized several activities to attract children, including a workshop on making wind chimes, pottery and kilns.
包括風鈴製作 拉坏 還有做窯的課程

And to keep the grown-ups happy, a class on how to make ocarinas is available too.

There's something for everyone at the festival here, including guided tours in English. But make sure to come soon, because the festival fun will end on Sunday. For more information, you can visit our discussion forum.

Michella Weng, Formosa TV, Yingge.
民視新聞 咼昇軍 翁郁容 鶯歌採訪報導

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