Sunday, 16 October 2005

Congressmen Welcome Lee

Here's a story that was aired tonight. One of the chiefs upstairs had me write it, in both English and Chinese. I really wanted to call it "President Lee, You're My Hero." Now, I am fairly neutral when it comes to politics, but Rohrabacher's comments were a little too much for me to handle.

Slug: Congressmen Welcome Lee

Before Lee Teng-hui left for the United States, US congressmen made a video welcoming Taiwan’s former president. In addition to applauding Lee’s trip, many also hoped that high-level talks between Taiwan and US leaders can be conducted freely in the future. Formosa TV’s Michella Weng reports.##

Sound byte:
Dana Rohrabacher
US Congress
I wanted to take this opportunity to welcome my good friend, President Lee, to the United States of America.

Nine US Congressmen welcomed Lee's visit to the US through a video. All appeared eager to see Lee and expressed their hope that in the future, more government leaders from Taiwan could freely and directly hold high-level talks with US officials on US soil.

Dana Rohrabacher
US Congress
Hopefully, some day, we're going to have the United States of America recognize that leaders like President Lee and now President Chen are democratically elected leaders and thus are friends of the United States of America and deserve to travel here without restriction. President Lee, you’re my hero.
也就是說他們是美國的朋友 然後應該可以無條件的來這邊。

It remains to be seen, however, if Taiwan’s leaders will ever be able to travel freely in the US because of the complex relationship between Taiwan, the US and China.

Michella Weng, Formosa TV, Taipei.
民視新聞 翁郁容 採訪報導。

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