Thursday, 13 October 2005

The Prints

They're not exactly beautiful, or even interesting enough to be "interesting," but it was fun. This is just the experimental board where we're seeing what materials work and what don't. We're supposed to make a bigger one next time, for which we'll be graded. Click on the picture to see them in detail.

Print 1. Dripping with ink. On cheap, yellow sketching paper.

Print 2. On white sketching paper. A little better.

Print 3. On white sketching paper. Some of the newspaper ink transferred onto the print paper, which made the piece look dirty, so my professor cut it up made into something else. Fun!

Print 4. The best one. I had finally gotten under control the material that was soaking up too much ink.

Print 5. I was running out of time and didn't dry the paper enough, so it stuck to the board during the roll and some of the paper came off. Blah.

The board.

Tired, but happy.

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