Thursday, 13 October 2005

Day Off at Work

I was on my way to having lunch with my uncle Tsu when one of the other associate producers called and asked me to fill in because she wasn't feeling well. So my plans to have a nice lunch, nice time at Eslite looking for books on places to go and for CD's and getting an early start on my prints at the arts university didn't really happen.

After I dropped off my Omara Portuondo CD with my uncle, I went and bought an obento. It was the famous Chiayi chicken obento in the area. I thought I would be a little adventurous and eat some meat, but alas, my stomach didn't feel very good and soon afterwards and I wanted to throw up. No big chunks of meat I guess. I seem to be able to handle most seafood a little better, though.

This is what the CD cover looks like.
The CD is really good. I've decided to go to the concert on the 28th. Now I'm trying to convince my uncle to come with me. I love music, and Jazz especially. I've been listening to Jazz since I was in junior high school.

My coworker did make it in eventually, and I made it to class, although a little late.

I had a pretty good time at printmaking class tonight. I made my very first print! And then I was on fire and made four more. Although it was only on cardboard and I had no idea what I was gluing on it (to get different textures), I felt so proud of myself. As I was on my fourth print and wiping excess ink off my board, I got a very strong sense of deja vu. I remember seeing the exact same board, exact same designs and exact same color in a dream about two years ago when I was still in Japan. Perhaps this is fate after all.

It's back to work, officially, tomorrow. I need to figure out what places I'd like to cover, and schedule the shoots. I pre-recorded and watched Travel & Living's Globe Trekker. It was my first time watching, and I think it's great! I think I'll be using that as a reference.

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miNgo said...

print making??? sounds like andy warhol stuff.. gonna paint cambel's soup cans next?