Sunday, 24 February 2008

Great lines from work

Recently, I noticed that some of my coworkers' MSN Messenger handles are great and would make great headlines for op-ed pieces. Some are satirical, some are especially funny, and some just plain powerful. This one talks about Hong Kong entertainer Edison Chen's sex photo scandal.

"你如果是李安 拍A片也是名片 你是小歌星 拍親密照 就叫淫照"
Translation: If you're Ang Lee and you make an adult movie (referring to Lust, Caution), your movie's called "a masterpiece." But if you're just a B-list singer and you take intimate photos, those pictures are called "pornography."


"你如果是李安 拍A片也是名片 你是小歌星 拍親密照 就叫淫照"


This one refers to KMT presidential candidate Ma Ying-jeou's sister, Ma Yi-nan, admitting to having sat in for someone else's college entrance exams when she was young, and DPP candidate Frank Hsieh attacking Ma on this with full force.

Translated: Ballot #1 for Frank Hsieh, ballot #2 for Ma Ying-jeou and ballot #3 for Ma Yi-nan. Who exactly are the ones running for Taiwan president?

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