Sunday, 10 February 2008

Snapshots from work

That's not me. Just a 45 year old look-alike.

One of my favorite program directors who's given me so much support and advice.

Reporting on college entrance exams.

Reporting on a prepared food business getting ready to serve up 710 tables for the homeless in Taipei.

Roy's birthday spent on the night shift.

A "hello and ganbatte" postcard from sweet Jack (Yuang) who was in Paris on business. I've taped it into my notebook that I bring everywhere for work and everything else.
好朋友Jack Yuan出差到法國時寄來的加油明信片。

A new year's greeting from Jeff and Shizuko, and a "cheer up" picture from Auntie Linda and Mijung on my desk.
以及Auntie Linda和Mijung的打氣照片。

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