Saturday, 9 February 2008

One of those mornings 有時候就是有這樣的任務

One evening two weeks ago an education reporter at Sanli TV couldn’t think of a story to pitch to her boss for the following morning but had to, so decided that going to the Ministry of Education at 7h30 was what she was going to do, even though there was nothing to do except to try to catch a media-hating minister going into work in the event that he doesn’t decide to use the back or side doors to avoid the reporters. I told my boss that she was going and he said, “then you go too, just in case they get something that we don’t.”

In the video clip, I asked my colleague at CTI TV what we were doing at the MOE, and she said, “waiting for the minister and wasting our life away.”

In the end, he snuck up to his office via one of the other entrances as we waited by the front door. I hate having to wake up at 6h00 for assignments like these, but I guess it gives me more stupid stories to tell.



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