Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Johns Hopkins

Mom and Dad recently gained "Johns Hopkins" to their list of bragging rights, in addition to UCLA and Waseda. None of us became doctors or lawyers, and no one really remembers how to play the piano or the violin, but I guess we are all doing OK. Somewhat at least.

Inside of main campus. All the walkways seem to be paved in brick. Very classy and different from the asphalt and concrete that I had been used to at Irvine and Waseda.

JHU's business school, where Michael will be burning 90k over the next 2 years, excluding living and other expenses. Maybe he is even more expensive than I was.

"Bruce Lee was only 135 lbs."

Rowhouse in the suburbs M is staying in for now.

Crab cakes for lunch.

Went to Best Buy to play video games. I mean to pick up supplies.

More pictures here

Here's me writing & uploading what you're reading. Michael called the picture "Nazi at work in MD." It was cold... And that's my new Hopkins hoodie. Don't you like the color?

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