Saturday, 21 November 2009

SF, DC, here I come!

Now waiting to board plane to San Francisco for a whirlwind tour of sister-in-law and brother visiting. A bit uneasy and utterly exhausted. Went to work at 4h00, anchored until 15h00, took care of things in between and it's now 22h30. I think I will really konk out on the plane. I really hope I didn't forget anything.

This is the first time I'm helping to bring rescue dogs overseas. And they are giving me SEVEN dogs to take on the plane with me to adoptive homes and rescue groups in SF. Seven dogs in four crates. Five are puppies. Very interesting experience. So far, so good! Thanks, Faustina and Frank for letting me help :)

Different rescue groups coming to meet me at the airport. Faustina was nice enough to drive me.

This is Siou Siou, who came with us. She was so anxious when it came time to go into X-ray (so they can be sure the dogs do not have any drugs stuffed in them), I tried to comfort her. Lovely Golden Retriever she is. Poor thing was abused and had hot oil poured over her before she was rescued.

This is Gucci. He was abused too. Someone took a knife and hacked at him. He's a sweetie pie.

Looking tired and bloated, but I don't care. I feel good about myself :)

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