Sunday, 1 November 2009

Prettier and prettier 越播越美麗

It was one of those mornings where I seemed to get prettier and prettier as the 6h00 broadcast went on.

Let me rewind.

This morning at 5h40 or so, I get a call from the office, "Can you come in? The 6h00 woke up late."

Without washing my face, brushing my teeth or knowing what I wore when I sped out the door, I arrived at the office in record time, but it was still only 9 minutes before the show was to start. As I was putting on my anchoring outfit, the hair and make-up ladies got to work, and as soon as they put on a pair of eyebrows and lips on me (though I meant that figuratively, yes, I really do feel like a Ms Potatohead sometimes), we all ran into the studio, just in time for the final countdown and cue. It was crazy in there in between each time I appeared, but what you saw on TV was an anchor miraculously looking nicer and nicer after each story. So after the first story, I got eyeliners. After the second story, eye shadows. Third story, eye bags concealed. By the fifth story or so, the middle-aged woman hairstyle was sprayed into place and I completed the transformation into my own aunt, the anchor known as "Michella Jade Weng."

There's been a big problem with 6h00 anchors showing up late, and I always get the call to come in. I really don't mind, and I'm actually happy to help. If I'm lucky, maybe they'll make me the regular weekend morning anchor and I can stop sacrificing my off time to anchor. (We do this on our off time.) Maybe that's wishful thinking. A girl can dream, can't she?






到了公司都5h50, 5h59就要進新聞了,








也就完成變身 - 成為與我同名同姓的阿姨 - 翁郁容主播。



catherine_sr. said...

What a funny behind-the-scenes look into news anchoring! It reminds me of my day, too... I get prettier as I dig out different make-up items from the bottom of my purse :-).

Ken said...

Kudos, and brownie points, to you!