Thursday, 5 November 2009

More hanga-ing

All my appointments fell through today so I ended up with time for woodblock printing. To get in some exercise, I cycled to buy more more brushes and watercolor near Taipei Main Station and Shida. Riding on Ketagalan Blvd, I realized it was quite nice when there aren't any people protesting and leaving huge amounts of trash. It was good to slow down and see Taipei in a different light.

I'm getting closer, but still struggling. I've carved out too much. Now I have white spaces where they are not supposed to be. 翁大師 is coming to town Sunday. I hope she can take a look at it for me sometime and say it's fixable. Much easier to do mini hanga lessons in person than through Skype.

Some pictures of my tools.

Knives (~TWD250/piece) in a wooden box that came with one of Dad's pipes:

Brushes (~TWD150~1400/piece) in a basket that came with fruit:

Watercolors (~TWD45/tube) I've used for this woodblock print, usually put into one clear, plastic bag:

The rest of the watercolors are kept in a tin that came with cookies:

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