Friday, 9 October 2009

Ah ha! Hair.

Been good friends with Youtube lately.

And I think I found out where my last hairstyle came from...

When I got to Japan, it was orange and blue and god-knows-what.

When I had just left Japan, this was my mugshot for ID's:

Then it got shorter... (me and my very handsome decoy, "Mr Handsome")

and shorter... (with Persian restaurant owner in Taipei)

and shorter... (with Olympic rower)

and shorter... (with intern)

and shorter... (while modeling for a friend)

and shorter... (with my favorite hair stylist, Yamaguchi-sensei)

until my head looked like a fuzzy grape (because the hair is so short and purple)

And this is what the fuzzy grape looks, a little grown out, done in FTV anchoring fashion

For more laughs on my anchoring and anchoring hair & make-up, please go here.

1 comment:

Bryan said...

The nice thing about hair is that if you wait a couple of months or so, you can always do something different with it. :)