Sunday, 4 October 2009

Cycling around Dapeng Bay

After cycling around Sun Moon Lake, Dapeng Bay just couldn't compare. You do get a different view - there's the bay, the lagoon, the ocean, fish farms... And the fish farms...they really smell! But the scenery at sunrise and sunset is quite nice.



My ride in the morning:

豬腳 (braised pork knuckles) we had for lunch at 海鴻 in 萬巒:

I normally don't eat much meat, but I ate a lot of this! It was just so tasty!

Here are my scripts for the story on cycling around Dapeng Bay.

Dapeng Bay Travels
(A cycling journey around the scenic Dapeng Bay)

In our last cycling special we introduced to you the pleasure of riding around Sun Moon Lake, and today FTV’s Michella Jade Weng shows us what it’s like to ride around Pingtung County’s Dapeng Bay.##

Dapeng Bay is less than an hour away from Kaohsiung by car, but to experience the scenic route’s glistening waters and beautiful natural landscpe up close, we recommend that tourists here cycle instead of drive.

David Hsieh
Tourism Bureau
It's really nice because the path is quite complete and you can also catch views of the lagoon as well.

Michella Jade Weng
Cycling around Dapeng Bay, you have views of the ocean, the bay and the wetlands all around you, so it's quite a nice ride.

The round-the-bay route is about 16 kilometers long. After the ride, you can take a boat tour on the lagoon…

Michella Jade Weng
…which was used by the Japanese military as a seaplane base in World War II.

And one of the stops on the boat tour is an entire island made of oyster shells. The lagoon was one of the largest oyster farms in Taiwan for about 30 years.

Hong Kong Traveler
Oh this is very good. Because in Hong Kong, we cannot find a sightseeing point like this. And flights to Taiwan now is very convenient.

Later you can visit the two-hundred-year-old Tung-Lung Temple for a cultural perspective of the area. After you pass through the gold-plated gates and say hello to Lord Wen, the resident deity here, you can have a look at a ship that’s built and burned for him every three years.

Chang Tzu-ying
Temple Volunteer
Every three years we have a big parade, like a festival, and we pray for safety. After the parade, they burn the boat and it takes all the bad luck and bad health out of town.

If you write down your wishes and put them in the ship, maybe Lord Wen will make them come true during the weeklong celebrations starting on Oct. 10.

Michella Jade Weng, Formosa TV, Pingtung.

大鵬灣旅遊 鐵馬 潟湖 東隆宮



觀光局副局長 謝謂君:

民視記者 翁郁容:


民視記者 翁郁容:


民視記者 翁郁容:



民視記者 翁郁容:


民視新聞 翁郁容 葉尚松 屏東報導

My cameraman shooting from the trunk and the back of a scooter, precariously. Hahaha. Only if he can be as hard working as he is here more often... I can hear him in my head, "Just use archived footage. Why do WE have to do this? No, it's probably not available. Who assigned this? " I'm still pissed off.

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