Monday, 19 October 2009

Sleep is now King

Sleep has once again clawed its way to the top of my list of priorities. My sleep deficit is running high and patience is wearing thin. Usually mild mannered, I almost lost it on my cameraman the other day. We had a “talk,” and hopefully there will be some changes. I’m tired of being treated rudely and overly taken advantage of. I wanted to say, “I’m tired enough, don’t give me that horse manure, I’ll throw it back at you!” But I didn’t. I was civilized, but I hope I scared him with my tone. Yeah, like I scare anyone… I have even been wondering if anyone is appreciating the travel features I am killing myself over. Back at the news desk, there are more than a few jealous colleagues that think I’m having way too much fun and a borderline psychotic chief editor who’s always upset that she has one less reporter to do news in Taipei. Every time I ask her to sign paperwork to approve my business trip, she asks me, “When are these travel stories to end?” I reply, “Never!” in my head, of course.

I had forgotten that the only thing that matters is that the audience likes and I’m enjoying telling the story. But now I remember, and I’m OK. And I’m going to remember to go to sleep early for the next few weeks.

Good night, from the clouds and tea and coffee fields in magnificent Alishan, where I’m on assignment.

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